Grants & Awards


The Edith Chase Conservation Award is given to “a living individual in recognition of his/her exceptionally meritorious contribution to resource use, allocation, and protection, especially the natural environment.  It honors creative work of particular effectiveness in applying scientific knowledge or innovative work to to the conservation of energy, habitat, water, wetlands or wildlife.  Individuals nominated for the award have made significant and well-recognized contributions to conservation.”

The awardee is honored at the Portage Park Foundation dinner in May.


KEC offers micro-grants (less than $200) throughout the year, funded by members’ extra contributions.

KEC’s “Legacy for the Environment” grant is funded by its endowment and bequests. Requests for Proposals go out as monies become available, typically every year or two. Funding varies, but typically several applicants receive between $500 and $1,000.

KEC accepts proposals from persons or organizations with ideas for improving the environment in Portage County.  Areas of consideration will include, but are not limited to, environmental education, storm water management, the mitigation of stream and river degradation, the protection of other surface and groundwater resources, enhancement of alternative energy usage, and/or the creation of sustainable communities. We also welcome other areas of consideration that would improve air or water quality, natural beauty, and environmental awareness in Portage County. For 2021, we emphasized smaller community projects and gave preference to marginalized communities.

Request for Proposals

The  next grant cycle is scheduled for early 2022.