2018-2019 Grant Recipients

Kent Environmental Council Awards $3,760 in Local Grants

In 2018 Kent Environmental Council put out a request for proposals and in late 2018 and 2019 awarded $3,760 in “Legacy for the Environment” Grants, which are aimed at improving the environment in Portage County.

The following requests were awarded:


Kent State University Child Development Center to build a composting station to teach the children a sustainable way to reuse food waste—$560
Portage Soil and Water Conservation District for developing a Lake and River Friendly decal that local restaurants and coffee shops could qualify for by switching to alternatives to single use plastic —$350.
Kent State University Foundation for Crowd Hydrology: Implementing Citizen Science to Support Local Water Stewardship and Global Hydrology Research—$1,000
Kent Parks and Recreation  for Xtinguish Torch Fest to celebrate the restoration of the Cuyahoga River in the 50 years since the last fire—$600
Kent State University Foundation for the Environmental Science and Design Research Symposium display of the J.  Fair art exhibit titled Environmental Scars, illustrating industrial  effects on the environment with captivating aerial photographs—$500


Portage Soil and Water Conservation District for a community workshop on the evils of plastic contamination by Dr. Sherri Mason, a nationally renowned scientist, 2) attempting to reduce plastic waste in school cafeterias through quantification of their plastic use as a first step. —$750