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Connect with the Crooked River Environmental Network!

The Crooked River Environmental Network helps support and connect people who care about the environment in the watershed of the Cuyahoga River and surrounding watersheds.

  • Please join to:
    • share about upcoming local events, meetings and actions
    • share news of local environmental interest
    • ask questions
    • connect with others who care about the environment
    • connect with existing focus groups or form new ones

Please agree to the following as a member of this group:

  • be willing to learn, with the spirit of “beginner’s mind” even when we may bring some expertise
  • be willing to question our individual assumptions, knowing that different backgrounds and experiences influence our world-views
  • gently hold one another accountable to creating a community that shows care for each other as well as the environment
  • be responsible for our own participation and and learnin
  • to use what we learn to build a sustainable and resilient planet by acting locally

Email Group:!forum/crooked-river-enviromental-network

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