2016 Recipients

$3,600 were distributed to the following applicants:

Portage Soil & Water Conservation District

$1,000 to provide plants and present a workshop teaching landowners how to plant edible riparian plant buffers to keep pollution out of streams and rivers.

Roosevelt High School Environmental Club

$860 to purchase four “Air Quality Egg 2” monitors to use at four Kent elementary schools to monitor air quality and educate both the Environmental Club and the elementary students about air quality issues and the scientific process.

Kent State University College of Architecture and Environmental Design

$1,000 to collect and analyze local food waste and then produce a cost-benefit analysis of using anaerobic digestion of food waste at the Kent Wastewater Treatment Plant, which could eventually lead to using food to produce methane to turned into energy.

Recycle Pots and Pans

$800 to develop graphic design and print materials for bins to be placed at Kent State University at the end of each semester to build an on campus presence, encouraging students to donate cooking and serving ware at the end of the semester, so they can be used by local families, instead of going to a landfill.