About KEC


The Kent Environmental Council was founded in Kent, Ohio, in 1970 as an incorporated 501(c)(4) citizen advocacy group under Ohio law.

Read our ByLaws (updated in January, 2023).

KEC focuses its volunteer efforts in four areas: advocacy, education, engagement and networking. As an advocate, KEC supports measures and initiatives that support a livable, sustainable environment. It also works to educate its members and the public asking questions and starting conversations about environmental issues. In the area of engagement, KEC works with stakeholders and policy-makers in the development of environmentally sound and sustainable public policies. A final element is networking with like-minded groups for more effective regional planning and environmental action, and in open events via the Crooked River Environmental Network.

KEC’s philosophy is based on the following beliefs:

  • environmental systems in local community and throughout the world are in danger of being irreparably damaged by human activities
  • humans are capable of learning and changing their behaviors
  • there is still time to mend our ways and be responsible stewards of the environment
  • by acting locally we can make a difference.

Some examples of programs the organization has worked for and achieved include:

  • Countywide recycling
  • Kent Riveredge Park
  • City of Kent Environmental Commission
  • City of Kent sustainability goals
  • Cuyahoga River restoration project
  • “Throw and Go” program at Kent State University to reduce the solid-waste stream
  • “Wild Your Yard” Garden tour (2021 & 2022)

KEC operates on an annual budget of approximate $5,000 and is governed by an Executive Board that meets monthly, usually on the third Wednesday via Zoom. An Annual Meeting is held in January or February. A newsletter is published about six times per year online. A spring and fall forum is sponsored each year on relevant environmental topics and issues. Membership is on an annual basis.