2024 Legacy for the Environment Grant Request for Proposals

The Kent Environmental Council (KEC) (kentenvironment.org) has funding available for a limited number of grants. We seek proposals from persons or organizations with ideas for improving the environment in Portage County. Areas of consideration will include, but are not limited to, environmental education, storm water management, the mitigation of stream and river degradation, the protection of other surface and ground water resources, enhancement of alternative energy usage, and/or the creation of sustainable communities. We also welcome other areas of consideration that would improve the air, the water, the natural beauty, and the environmental awareness in our area.

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KEC funding is available to organizations and individuals who have an idea for a project that meets these criteria: · Project must be located in Portage County. · Demonstrates environmental benefits. · Supports the local community. · Requests will be considered for amounts up to $1,000. · Project completion by December 31, 2024 Awardees must submit a written report of project completion by December 31, 2024. · Purpose for which grant is being considered must be eligible for 501(c) (3) disbursement. This grant will not pay for administrative overhead expenses.


Distribution of grants under KEC’s Legacy Grant Program will be conducted through a competitive process. Proposals will be eligible for funding only if all the criteria detailed below are addressed. KEC’s Grant Committee and its board of directors will review proposals and award grants based on the quality of the proposal. 1. What’s the big idea: Tell us what you propose to do and how it benefits the environment and our communities. Include a baseline and measurements for success of your project. Also include a budget for the project showing what portion of the project a grant from KEC would support and what other sources of funding or in-kind support you or your organization have secured or are seeking. If applicable, describe the long term maintenance and ownership of the project. (300 words maximum) 2. Tell us about yourself and your organization. Who came up with the project? Who else will be working on the project implementation and what are his/her credentials? Have you, your organization or any of the people working on the project done anything similar to this before? What is your experience in projects such as this? (100 words maximum) 3. Tell us how funding from KEC will be publicly recognized. (100 words maximum)


· Cover Sheet · Budget Sheets, including other funding if applicable. · Outline of projects tasks. · Project scope, site photos or other supporting documentation.


KEC must be permitted to incorporate selected projects into its overall communication plan. Recipients may be requested to give a short presentation in the following year (by December 31, 2024).


When responding to this Proposal, please submit the following items: · KEC provided Cover Sheet listing the application date, organization’s name, project name, contact person’s name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. · A proposal addressing each of the 3 questions listed in Section B. Limit proposal to 8 single spaced pages on 8.5 x 11 paper in 12-point font. · The attachments listed in section C. The preferred submission format is a one-file pdf including all of the above materials, submitted via e-mail to kentenvironment@gmail.com. Place “Legacy for the Environment Proposal” in the subject/header of the message. A KEC representative will confirm receipt of your proposal. If an electronic submission is not possible, KEC can accept paper submissions, directed to Bob Wilson, KEC, P.O. Box 395, Kent, OH 44240. This format should also be used for submission of Reports.


Applications must be received by KEC no later than 5 pm EST on December 31, 2023 for funding consideration. Award will be contingent on availability of funds. KEC is under no obligation to fund any proposals submitted. For questions regarding the Legacy for the Environment Grant Program, kentenvironment@gmail.com. Awards will be granted on or before January 31, 2024.