KEC Participates at Festivals

KEC’s booth at both River Day and Kent Heritage festivals this year focused on the use of rain barrels to help with water conservation and watershed protection.  Sixty percent of municipal water goes to watering lawns, so using collected rain to water during dry times means there is less water flowing into storm drains, sewer systems and ultimately local waterways.  This protects local watersheds by decreasing runoff from the 70 million pounds of fertilizers and pesticides used on laws each year.  And in doing so, the water plants receive is naturally soft, free of chlorine, fluoride and others chemicals in tap water.  KEC also had displays about the Cuyahoga River’s 20th year as an American Heritage River and information about Lake Erie coastal management.

River Day, the third Saturday in May, was sunny and dry and an overall spectacular day this year.  The Coast Guard oversaw the Ready,Set, Wear It! Lifejacket activity, with young and old trying them on and having fun.  Next year, we are adding dog lifejackets, so stay tuned.

The Kent Parks and Recreation booth was shared by Portage Soil and Water and the City of Kent. They gave away about 500 native trees, including pawpaws, hundreds of packs of a milkweed seed mix, stormwater awareness and safe summer information as well as answering countless questions and sharing fun aquatic animals to look at and touch—always enjoyed by young and old.

The e-fishing at Tannery Park with Davey Resource Group was successful on Friday with Student Day and on Saturday, families shared what they had seen, as the water was not conducive to e-fishing on Saturday.  See pictures from that Sunday’s Record Courier at


Saturday, Crooked River Adventures was sending out kayaks for the on the river for “River Day” Adventures.  And Brad Bolton was there to take pictures and provided music on Saturday as well.


We are all looking forward to next year. It will mark  the 29th Annual River Day Festival here in Kent in May, as well as the 50th anniversary in June of the last Cuyahoga River fire.  There are many groups working to plan great events for next May and June.  Well let you know as things progress.

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